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Talks & Workshops

Adulting Like A Kid

Anyone can benefit, personally and professionally, from "Adulting Like A Kid". Not like a child... like a kid. Before grades came into play, before there was pressure to be cool, before the expectations to be planning for the future... you were an explorer, a scientist, an innovator, and your you-est-you.

"Adulting Like A Kid" is about getting back to all those great tools and growth strategies that get taught and encouraged during our formative years: treating each other with empathy, connecting through curiosity, making mistakes and learning through play, doing things because you're interested in them,  and following that energy. Doing things with joy... that's what I want us to get back to.

These ideas and methodologies often get thrown out the window once we reach adulthood and have to venture out into the real world. Sure, we're adults with responsibilities, but we can go about our jobs and our lives in a more interesting way, in a way that brings us more joy and happiness. We can get through and do important things with out it having to be so serious and so rigid.

Stop Networking. Start Connecting.

Having a strong network is an amazing asset, but the process of building yours can feels uncomfortable and also tough to know where to begin. It might not be your favorite thing to do, but the mere idea of it shouldn't suck the wind out of your sails. This workshop (or welcome session) will help you reframe how you think about "networking" and learn tangible practices to make it feel more approachable, interesting, and engaging - and less forced! 

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Your Future Is Where Your Fun Is

We often measure our self worth through our achievements and external results. Many people define success as accomplishing a specific goal or purpose, while overlooking how they got there. Fulfillment and happiness exists where you can let go of the results, follow your curiosity, and enjoy the ride.


Research shows that the more we play, the more open we are to the countless possibilities in front of us. In this interactive workshop, you will identify your play values, engage in brainstorming sessions to help find your play, and discover actionable ways to get into flow.

Team Building Treasure Hunt... For Good!

Have fun, while doing some good, with this team buildling community service activity. Teams will get sent on an onsite treasure hunt adventure (with some riddles and side quests along the way) to accomplish tasks that will ultimately support a  local nonprofit (to be selected and coordinated once booked). Folks will be split into small groups, use their strengths to make progress, practice communication, and figure out how to coordinate and collaborate with each other along the way.

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Navigating Difficult Converstations Through Play

Does the idea of having challenging conversations make you cringe? It doesn't need to! Communication is a sandbox, and when you play in it, it can lead to building trust, establishing inclusivity, as well as creating psychologically safe spaces where people can thrive. If we don't talk, we can't learn, and ultimately relationships fracture.


We facilitate a series of experiential activities that will provide you with play-oriented tools to practice exploring language and tone, shifting perspectives, and questioning the stories in your head. Let us help you redirect the mental energy devoted to unhealthy coping mechanisms and channel it towards identifying the underlying obstacles getting in the way of understanding each other. Replace confusion with clarity, by adjusting your communication habits that will help build a stronger, healthier future for us all.

Friendly Conversation

Content Creation

I truly enjoy focusing on a goal, problem solving, and creating in order to make ideas come to life.  Depending on what you're looking for, I can be a part of any section of the process or take on a whole project.  Let me know your ideas or what you're looking for!

Panels, Live Streams, & Podcasts

I love talking with people and exploring any number of topics with others. My curiosity runs deep and wherever our conversation goes, I'll likely have follow-up thoughts and questions! 


That being said, some of my favorite topics involve curiosity and why it's important, learning like a kid, leading by example, and finding / creating / building communities (friendships and having a sense of belonging are important).

Check out some past examples on my links page or on my YouTube channel.

Facilitation & Moderation

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Organization and engagement are what make a well run event. The best meetings (in-person or virtual) are engaging and focused ones that you can participate in.  I can help you with an event behind the scenes, emcee an all staff meeting, or simply help coordinate your  book club.

Coaching & Consulting

Think of me as your Grown-up Guidance Counselor. I am your thoughtful, open minded, non-judgmental, third-party soundboard.  I value fairness, focus on process and planning, and have the ability to problem solve while considering other perspectives and the bigger picture.  I can help you filter through your thoughts and ideas to figure something out, create steps and structure for accountability to get you from point A to point B, edit your presentation slides / toast / project layout / agenda / etc. before you put it out to your friends, family, or the world. We all need a little help sometimes!

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